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Additional training for prosthodontists is earned through a university or hospital-based advanced education program accredited by the American Dental Association. This specialty education provides knowledge and skills beyond the training of general dentists and includes advanced-level courses, clinical and laboratory experience, patient care and research.



Cosmetic Dentistry

Is your cosmetic dentist a prosthodontist? Ask.

Is your cosmetic dentist a prosthodontist? Ask.

Match.com releases a survey that the number one attribute people seek in a mate is their…teeth. With GenXers hitting their 40s and Baby Boomers’ fillings and restorations done in one’s youth are breaking down, savvy patients want implants that can last well into their 50s for work, love and life. Today, patients like Deanna want longer lasting, more beautiful and functional solutions so they can go into their fifties not having to worry about their teeth. Go to a prosthodontist to check. GoToAPro.org to learn more.

This is Allison's Story

Allison's worn teeth held her back as an actress...

Allison's Story is a look at how a prosthodontist and master dental technician beautify a young woman’s smile. Years after recovery from an eating disorder, Allison’s worn teeth hold her back as an actress. Allison goes to a prosthodontist, a specialized dentist with advanced training in oral health to improve patient outcomes.

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Sleep Apnea

Prosthodontists work with sleep physicians on multi-disciplinary teams to improve patient outcomes.

“This is the first good night’s sleep we’ve had in 10 years,” said a couple who’s managing sleep apnea with an oral device made by a prosthodontist, a specialized dentist with advanced training in oral health issues. From screening to treatment, prosthodontists work with sleep physicians on multi-disciplinary teams to improve patient outcomes.

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The ACP is the only prosthodontic specialty organization where membership is based solely on education credentials. ACP members must be in... VIEW FULL »

The American College of Prosthodontists is the organization of dentists with advanced specialty training who create optimal oral health, both in function and appearance including dental implants, dentures, veneers, crowns and teeth whitening.

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