National Prosthodontics Awareness Week


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NPAW 2016 — April 3-9, 2016


The American College of Prosthodontists advocatNPAW_LogoGenericSmalles for the valuable role that prosthodontists play on the dental team. National Prosthodontics Awareness Week focuses on raising public awareness about the critical importance of a healthy mouth. 

A memorable and effective National Prosthodontics Awareness Week begins with a solid plan to inform the public that a healthy mouth and replacing missing teeth are necessary for overall health. Additionally, prosthodontists can provide expert care and are well prepared to work with assisting patients in considering the most appropriate options for replacing any number of missing teeth.

The ACP invites you to join colleagues across the country in celebrating NPAW in your local community. Your activities will enhance visibility of the specialty and the nearly 3,800 ACP members! 

If you have questions about National Prosthodontics Awareness Week please email Carolyn Barth, Public & Media Relations Director or email Nathalie Williams, Sections & Governance Director.

NPAW 2015

NPAW 2015 Logo: JPG
2015 ACP Press Release regarding NPAW:  ACP Answers the Question: What Is A Prosthodontist?


NPAW 2014

Take a bow! NPAW 2014 was a success. From April 6-12, 2014, ACP members across the world took part in creative and inspiring events and activities to raise public awareness of the prosthodontic specialty. That's a great reason to celebrate!

2014 NPAW PR TOOLKIT (updated 3.20.14)

NPAW Logo Spec Sheet

Additional Tools:

NPAW 2013

2013 NPAW Activities and Photos

NPAW 2012

2012 Submitted Activities and Photos
2012 NPAW Toolkit

Check out 2 years of NPAW photos here!

NPAW 2011

All reported NPAW Activities

NPAW 2010

2010 NPAW Activities
The resources below summarize all reported activities from NPAW 2010. These include photos; examples of published articles, letters, news briefs, fliers and other materials.  




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