Fillings replace lost tooth structure due to dental decay or fracture of the tooth. In advanced cases of lost tooth structure, porcelain or gold crowns and onlays may be required. In simple cases, the missing tooth structure can be replaced with dental fillings using composites or amalgam.

How are Dental Fillings Made?

Dental composites are a tooth-colored material commonly used as a filling material and with the proper application can “bond” to the tooth itself. Dental composite material may be a way to build, reshape, or change the color of teeth. This material can be used to conservatively alter the appearance of misshapen teeth, such as peg laterals as well as fill in places where cavities have been removed.

Amalgam is also known as silver fillings. This filling material is a combination of metals that has been used for many years with high predictability and success. It is one of the most reliable materials used to restore teeth with no proven side effects.

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