Teeth Cleaning

Some serious medical conditions may cause bleeding gums, but the most frequent cause of bleeding gums is poor oral hygiene, which leads to gingivitis. Gingivitis means that the gums are inflamed, red and bleed easily when touched as a result of plaque building up on the teeth. Proper cleaning of the teeth prevents gingivitis and the subsequent symptom of bleeding gums.

The Dangers of Neglecting a Teeth Cleaning

Sometimes the problem progresses beyond the superficial inflammation of gingivitis. The bacteria is deeper down between the teeth and the gums. When this is the case, the bacteria are more difficult to reach. This makes it harder for patients to clean out the bacteria alone. These bacteria can cause inflammation that leads to breakdown of the connection of the gums to your teeth and in severe cases, bone loss around the teeth.

Preventing Poor Oral Hygiene

Your prosthodontist can teach you how to properly clean your teeth using a manual or electric toothbrush and by using tools such as dental floss to clean between your teeth. When the bacteria is deeper, these tools are less effective. At this point, it is important to have your hygienist work with you to eliminate the bacteria and follow up with you on the response of your gums.

Find a Prosthodontist to help with Teeth Cleaning 

Bleeding gums are a sign of poor oral care and can easily be resolved by improving your dental hygiene habits. To find a prosthodontist in your area today, browse our extensive network of doctors by entering your zip code to the right!