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BLOG: Dental Tech Alliance Member Stephen Balshi Featured on Talk Radio Show

If there is one thing we have learned at the American College of Prosthodontists, it is that you do not need to be a prosthodontist to help raise awareness of the specialty. On July 6, Stephen Balshi was featured on Lifestyles with Dei Lynam, a radio talk show on WWDB-AM in Philadelphia. Mr. Balshi was interviewed about prosthodontics, digital dentistry, and his role in digital technology research. He further discusses his father, Dr. Thomas Balshi, and how his father’s career as a prosthodontist helped him choose his own path in dentistry. “Growing up in a dental household with my father being a prosthodontist, I always wanted to be involved in dentistry,” explains Stephen Balshi. “When I went to school, I enrolled in a biomedical engineering program…it gave me all of the math and science I was looking for.” Mr. Balshi explains that while his father works “in the mouth,” he prefers to be in the lab doing research and creating the restorations prosthodontists use in their practice. His interest lies within digital dentistry advances and using the cutting-edge technologies that have developed in recent years. “Congratulations, Stephen! I just heard your interview on the radio and love your answers explaining prosthodontics and prosthodontists,” said Dr. Avinash Bidra. Stephen Balshi is a biomedical engineer and president of CM Prosthetics Inc., a dental laboratory that focuses on the rehabilitation of the fully edentulous, utilizing state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology. He is also the Director of Research for Pi Dental Center. Listen to the full Lifestyles with Dei Lynam segment here.   » view details


BLOG: Dr. Avi Bidra on DentalTown

ACP Spokesperson Dr. Avinash Bidra joined DentalTown for a podcast to discuss implant surgery and prosthodontics with Howard Farran.   » view details

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BLOG: Prosthodontists in the News: Health Heroes Dr. Thomas Taylor and Dr. John Agar Make FREE Dentures for Native Americans in Alaska

Every summer, Drs. Thomas Taylor and John Agar, members of the ACP and full-time faculty at University of Connecticut, travel to Alaska to make and repair dentures for Native American tribes. The two prosthodontists ventured out 20 years ago to volunteer for the first time, and have been traveling back with residents each summer since.  » view details

Results: 3 Article(s) Found.