Tooth Sensitivity or Pain

Ideally, our teeth will function without any discomfort throughout our life, but unfortunately, most of us will experience at least one of the many conditions that can cause tooth pain. There are many causes of tooth pain, including: dental decay, fractured or cracked teeth, damaged or leaking fillings, gum disease, or grinding.

Causes of Tooth Pain & Sensitivity

The type of tooth pain varies based on the condition, but may range from a fleeting sensitivity to a persistent dull ache. Only a dental professional can determine the exact cause of your pain and the appropriate treatment. Sometimes the problem is larger than you might believe and you are weeks, days, or hours away from increased pain.

Find a Prosthodontist for Tooth Sensitivity & Pain Relief

If you are experiencing pain from a tooth, it is recommended you see your prosthodontist to have the area assessed. Find a professional here today!